Melilla", "Resultados Electorales en Melilla: Elecciones Municipales 2019 en EL PAÍS", "El único diputado de Ciudadanos consigue la presidencia de Melilla tras 19 años de Gobierno del PP", "Regional GDP per capita ranged from 30% to 263% of the EU average in 2018", "Melilla: Where Catalan "Modernisme" Meets North Africa", "Macrobarómetro de octubre 2019, Banco de datos - Document 'Población con derecho a voto en elecciones generales y residente en España, Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla", "BBC News - Hundreds breach Spain enclave border", "African migrants storm into Spanish enclave of Melilla", "Morocco destroys migrant camps near border with Spanish enclave", "Border games: Has Spain found an answer to the populist challenge on migration? Melilla is one of two permanently inhabited Spanish cities in mainland Africa, the other being nearby Ceuta. On 6 November 2007, King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia visited the city, which caused a demonstration of support. An active apicultural location in the past, the name has been related to honey; this is tentatively backed up by two ancient coins featuring a bee as well as the inscriptions .mw-parser-output span.smallcaps{font-variant:small-caps}.mw-parser-output span.smallcaps-smaller{font-size:85%}RSADR and RSA. Many people travelling between Europe and Morocco use the ferry links to Melilla, both for passengers and for freight. Three roads connect Melilla and Morocco but require clearance through border checkpoints. [8], The original name (currently rendered as Rusadir), was a Phoenician name, coming from the name given to the nearby Cape Three Forks. Ambas ciudades son eclécticas (1), multiculturales y típicamente mediterráneas. But why does Spain own two towns in North Africa - and why are they so controversial? The city layout is arranged in a wide semicircle around the beach and the Port of Melilla, on the eastern side of the peninsula of Cape Tres Forcas, at the foot of Mount Gurugú [es] and around the mouth of the Río de Oro intermittent water stream, 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) above sea level. Movements to and from the rest of the EU and Melilla are subject to specific rules, provided for inter alia in the Accession Agreement of Spain to the Schengen Convention.[5]. Coils of razor blades top some of the fences that surround the two autonomous towns, which as territories of Spain form the only direct land borders between Europe and Africa. The climate, in general, is similar to the southern coast of peninsular Spain and the northern coast of Morocco, with relatively small temperature differences between seasons. [39] Thus two mining under the protection of Bou Hmara, started mining lead and iron some 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) from Melilla. [37] Mining companies began to enter the hinterland of Melilla by 1908. Ten of them required hospital treatment, according to the Spanish Red Cross. Januar 2018). The port town of Ceuta and its larger sister city Melilla sit around 250 miles apart on the Mediterranean coast of Africa, and their Spanish past traces back more than 400 years, Slate report. Las festividades propias de Ceuta y Melilla son el 3 The border is secured by the Melilla border fence, a six-metre-tall double fence with watch towers; yet migrants (in groups of tens or sometimes hundreds) storm the fence and manage to cross it from time to time. Melilla Airport is serviced by Air Nostrum, flying to the Spanish cities of Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Granada, Badajoz, Sevilla and Almería. Cross-border commerce (legal or smuggled) and Spanish and European grants and wages are the other income sources. Its members are called "local deputies" but they rather enjoy the status of concejales (municipal councillors). A statue of Francisco Franco, the putschist general assuming the control of the Army of Africa in 1936, is still prominently featured, the last statue of Franco in Spain. [14] Following the completion of the conquest of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492, their Secretary Hernando de Zafra [es] started to compile information about the sorry state of the north-african coast with the prospect of a potential territorial expansion in mind,[15] sending field agents to investigate, and subsequently reporting the Catholic Monarchs that, by early 1494, locals had expelled the authority of the Sultan of Fez and had offered to pledge service. The Moroccan settlement of Beni Ansar lies immediately south of Melilla. [9] The name creation is similar to that of other names given in Antiquity to outlets along the north-african coast, including Rusguniae, Rusubbicari, Rusuccuru, Rusippisir, Rusigan (Rachgoun), Rusicade, Ruspina, Ruspe or Rsmlqr. 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By July the workmen were again attacked and several were killed. The visit also sparked protests from the Moroccan government. [63] Detection wires, radar, and day/night vision cameras are planned to increase security and prevent illegal immigration. This style, frequently referred to as the Spanish version of Art Nouveau, was extremely popular in the early part of the 20th century in Spain, notably in Catalonia. Rusaddir is mentioned by Ptolemy (IV, 1) and Pliny (V, 18) who called it "oppidum et portus" (a fortified town and port). [65] Attempted border crossings by migrants has decreased at both Melilla and Ceuta since its peak in 2015–2016; arrivals are down twenty-five percent since 2018. [49], The Council of Government is the traditional collegiate executive body for parliamentary systems. [61] Roman Catholicism is, by far, the largest religion in Melilla. As of 2019, Melilla had a population of 86,487. Melilla is subdivided into eight districts (distritos), which are further subdivided into neighbourhoods (barrios): The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the autonomous community was 1.6 billion euros in 2018, accounting for 0.1% of Spanish economic output. The government of Morocco has repeatedly called for Spain to transfer the sovereignty of Ceuta and Melilla, along with uninhabited islets such as the islands of Alhucemas, the rock of Vélez and the Perejil island, drawing comparisons with Spain's territorial claim to Gibraltar. After local elections, the president is invested through a qualified majority from among the leaders of the election lists, or, failing to achieve the former, the leader of the most voted list at the election is invested to the office.