Sign up; Sign in ; Question Magnus2017. It can be compared to 'thanks' and 'thank you very much'. Home; About; Subscribe to feed; Mt. Difficulty: 5. 12 Feb 2017. Synonym for Danke schön! June 23, 2008 in Climbing | Tags: Climbing, Hokkaido, Japan, Mountain | Leave a comment. Being as this was the first mountain I had climbed since October we decided to take it easy and go for a smaller one;) Getting to the mountain … ), then again in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Matthew Broderick lip … You can say this or a number of other phrases with a similar meaning: “kein Ding” for “it was nothing”, and “jederzeit” for “any time”. ?Feel free to just provide example sentences. When someone says “Danke schön” or “Danke sehr,” reply with the matching “Bitte.” Kein Problem – “no problem” More casual, this is a common response to a friend or close colleague. danke schön. The word schoen (schon means already) simply puts more emphasis in it. and Bitte schön! Synonym for Danke schön! Sehr gern – “you’re very … I read an article in which a barber gestured to his customer to sit in the chair, and said "Bitte Schoen." 12. Danke Schön, Bitte Schön. However, it got popular a year later when Wayne Newton recorded it (this was news to me– I always thought it was a woman singing! Nature: 6. Danger: 2. vielen Dank; danke sehr; Related terms . You can also use them in response to a simple "danke" if you want to express more emphatically that whatever you did was not a problem for you. Swedish English (UK) German Italian Question about German. I looked up translations, and the closest meaning for the phrase was, "If you please." 1 1. A server or retail clerk might also use these phrases when you say "danke." Shioyamaruyama – Review. Gern geschehen / Gerne — Done gladly. Danke Shoen was first recorded in 1962 by Bert Kaempfert. bitte; tschüss thank you very much; Synonyms . In that … View: 7. Some might say that this phrase is even more formal than danke schön ... Bitte schön and bitte sehr carry a weight of formality and are technically the logical counterparts to danke schön and danke sehr, respectively. … What is the difference between Danke schön! Wayne Newton – Danke Shoen: “Danke schön” is German for “thank you very much.” The polite response is “bitte schön” or “bitte sehr”. Gern is an adverb that means “gladly,” but it … If someone says "danke schön" or "danke sehr" to you, feel free to use the corresponding response. bitte schön (you're welcome) Dankeschön n (a thank you - noun) nichts zu danken (it was nothing) See also . Convenience : 9. Another variation would be 'danke sehr'. Just a little perfectionist tip from my side, it is correctly spelled as 'Danke schön' - the 'oe' in 'schoen' is only used when your keyboard/phone has no option to type the ö (o-Umlaut). Height: 629m. It can be noted that when someone says 'danke schoen', you typically reply by saying 'bitte schoen' instead of just 'bitte'. It would seem to be an idiom, since a literal translation of the words would be "Please beautiful" and would make no sense, but it might come close to "pretty please" used in English to soften or enhance a request. “Bitte schön” and “bitte sehr” are slightly more formal. Switch to "bitte schön" or "bitte sehr" in response to more emphatic thanks. However, they also have other meanings such as “here you go” (when you’re offering something).