Doch gilt dasselbe auch für seine nächtliche Tätigkeit als Fluchtwagenfahrer. Now that streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are so popular, it's hard to find movies available for download. Although some services let you save movies for offline viewing, you can't actually store their files on your USB drive. Not since Casino Royale has a watch had such a starring role. By all means, "Drive" is a dumb action movie: kung fu and explosions take precedence over drama, the script is so loose that I ended up with the impression that the open-ended climax wasn't intentional but that the filmmakers simply realized they had to end the movie at … Sein Manager Shannon (Bryan Cranston) vermittelt ihn dabei an reic For the well-dressed, punctual wheelman protagonist of Ryan Gosling's new film Drive… Der Job von Driver (Ryan Gosling) ist eigentlich aufregend genug - tagsüber verdient er sein Geld als Stuntfahrer in Hollywood und er ist der Beste seines Fachs.