If you Roll-Your-Own (RYO) cigars and cigarettes, BnB has everything you need to get going. Cigar aficionados will enjoy our wide selection of collection premium cigars. Having a mild, almost bitter kick, it tasted more like prickly pear cactus fruit. Sollte uns Fantasia kontaktieren, werden wir diesen schnellstmöglich nachreichen. Fantasia Cactus Breeze Shisha. Fantasia is a premium quality hookah shisha tobacco. Fantasia master blenders precisely infuse exotic flavors allowing for a robustly full, and extremely thick smoke that … After smoking a few puffs of Fantasia Cactus Breeze, the expected cranberry and pineapple flavors weren’t exactly out front, and I definitely didn’t taste the Vodka or Sour Mix. After smoking a few puffs of Fantasia Cactus Breeze, the expected cranberry and pineapple flavors weren’t exactly out front, and I definitely didn’t taste the Vodka or Sour Mix. Satisfy your nicotine craving with a wide selection of tobacco-free nicotine pouches and chew in fruit-forward flavors like berry, peach, citrus, and traditional flavors like wintergreen, mint, and straight. Welcome to BnB Tobacco, where you’ll discover the perfect mix of tobacco products at Découvrez mon test du Fantasia Cactus Breeze, un tabac qui ma été recommandé par un abonné et qui ne m'a vraiment pas déçu ! • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale. $3.49 Save 41% +-Notify Me! Smooth smoke that is easy on the lungs. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. A big part of sharing this experience with other people is observing proper hookah smoking etiquette. Our Products >> Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Cactus Breeze 200g. Each are packaged in air tight bags to keep the flavor and freshness better than ever. Then, use an injector to tightly pack your tobacco for an even and long-lasting smoke. Join our email list to receive product updates, discounts & more! Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. Enjoy blunt wraps, rolling papers, or cones? We are committed to providing our services only to people who are of the proper age, and to protecting our youth as best as we possibly can. Get fresh tobacco in tins, bags, or pouches to suit your style. AW: Welcher Tabak geschmack ist der beste von Fantasia Bei mir ist wiederrum Cactus Breeze und mir schmeckt der so gehypte Cuban Mojito nicht obwohl ich Mojito liebe.. Somit.. durchtesten Whether you’re shopping with us for the first time or have been here before, Shop discounted cigarette tubes, blunt wraps, injectors, and more supplies for easy packing or rolling. you’ll find new deals every day and budget-friendly everyday prices for high-end cigars, pipe tobacco, Right now Cactus Breeze from Fantasia doesn't have a description. Is your favorite shisha not up to date? The clouds are what you should expect from Fantasia at this point. It’s tasty and it quite unique in regards to flavor. 50g Box. Details. roll-your-own supplies, tobacco accessories, CBD, Hemp, and more. Used tags. If anything arrives broken, damaged, or is missing from your shipment, let us know and we will take care of it, 100%. Gerne darfst du dem Hersteller der Marke kontaktieren und Ihn darauf hinweißen, dass seine Marke noch keinen Beschreibungstext besitzt. Adjusted Price: $13.99 * Marked fields are required. Smooth smoke that is easy on the lungs. Product Packaging Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart. Fantasia Hookah Tobacco 50g Box - Cactus Breeze. Alle Aromen für den besonders Intensiven Geschmack kommen aus Amerika und Deutschland. In case Fantasia contacts us and provides us with a description we will update it as soon as possible. Shipping, taxes, and discounts will be calculated at checkout. 50g Box. Having a mild, almost bitter kick, it tasted more like prickly pear cactus fruit. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING Choose cigarette tubes with a filtered tip in varieties like menthol and classic. Since 2009, BnB Tobacco prides itself on providing a wide variety of products tailored to your tastes. Cactus Breeze Fantasia 50g Box - Temperature Controlled for Vibrant Freshness. Cactus Breeze Fantasia Shisha Tobacco has somewhat of a mango scent but it does a good job of mimicking the mixed drink, serving up a mixed cocktail of cranberry, pineapple and sour mix. Big and fluffy. Item# hktfan005. • WARNING: Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers. Cactus pear is an interesting little fruit that grows in the desert, you guessed it, on a type of cactus. Description. Orange Pineapple fruity sweet. I would call it more of a candied cactus fruit flavor with notes of pineapple and sweet fruit because it’s missing the sour bitterness that cranberry should lend the drink but I think it’s worth a shot. Share 0 Tweet 0. • WARNING: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes. • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease. The flavor is similar to the Tangiers Cactus Fruit that I have smoked for quite some time and that’s a good thing. $5.99. Das Geheimniss von Amy Gold Tabak. Item #: FHT-5; Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Cactus Breeze 200g. The best summer time flavor! The flavor definitely has notes of cactus pear so I think that the recipe they are basing this on varies from the ones I found.