Peter is constantly tormented by this event, after initially attempting to use his abilities for personal gain. After being bitten by a genetically-mutated spider in a school field trip to a scientific laboratory, which grants him with spider-like superpowers, Peter initially decides to use his new-found abilities for his own selfish desires and wants. Mary Jane is upset by a negative review of her performance, and Peter unsuccessfully tries to relate to her using his experience as Spider-Man. Peter begins to succeed in his studies and turn his life around, beginning to mend his relationship with Mary Jane. [14][19][21], Following the release of the third installment of the series, and its subsequent success at the box office, the now billion dollar franchise had been put into disarray, after director Sam Raimi had become unhappy with the script, leaving the movie to fall past its projected May 2011 release date. Gwen catches onto Peter's true intentions and leaves, and the resulting fight with the club's bouncers results in Peter inadvertently hitting Mary Jane when she intervenes. [20] The sequel's story is mainly taken from the comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man No. The helmet Maguire wore under his mask was also improved, with better movement for the false jaw and magnetic eyepieces, which were easier to remove. At work at the Daily Bugle, Peter finds that a rival freelance photographer, Eddie Brock, has also begun taking pictures of Spider-Man, and Jameson pits the two photographers against each other for a staff job. When Parker sat down, Hogan was confused by Parker's awkwardness as he had never been on a plane before as he chose to sit across from him. As Peter indirectly reveals his feelings for her, Harry walks in on the two as they are holding hands. Peter is depicted as an intellectually-gifted and academically bright high school student in his senior academic year. "[15] Additionally, the motif gave a sense of life to the symbiote, giving it the appearance of gripping onto the character's body. Owners Without the context of eyes or mouth, a lot of body language had to be put in so that there would be emotional content. Hogan walked in on Parker and, bewildered, asked Parker why he was not wearing the suit that Tony Stark made him. He was interrupted by Happy Hogan, who knocked on the door and said to him he could hear him through the thin walls. As a result, Peter distances himself from Mary Jane, but eventually rekindles his relationship with her after she finds out about his dual life, and struggles he has faced. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Months after the events of the second film, Peter finally finds stability and success in both his personal life and exploits as Spider-Man. Later reports confirmed that both Maguire and Raimi had left their respective roles. Jameson hires Peter as a freelance photographer, since Peter is the only person providing clear images of Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming He later attacks and hospitalizes May in an attempt to "go after [Peter]'s heart". The first film characterized Peter Parker as an intelligent, bookish, and level-headed yet lonely and isolated teenager; focusing on his personality as a shy and bashful outsider; before he gained his powers and subsequent struggles of accepting his new-found abilities. The colors were made richer and bolder. Remembering the symbiote's weakness to sound, Peter weakens Venom and pulls Eddie out from the symbiote, preparing to destroy it with a bomb, but Eddie jumps back to the symbiote and is killed with it when the bomb explodes. Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, is shown to be a brave and righteous hero with an indomitable sense of justice and responsibility. Devastated, Harry confides in his father that Mary Jane loves Peter, inadvertently revealing Spider-Man's true weakness. The next morning, Hogan thrust a German newspaper in his face, which featured a photo of Spider-Man saving the Berlin chancellor, with the German media dubbing him as "Der Erstaunliche Klebrige Junge". Prior to a school field trip to Columbia University, Peter meets up with his best friend Harry Osborn, who introduces him to his father Norman, the CEO of Oscorp whom Peter idolizes. Empowered by the new suit's abilities and with his anger amplified, Peter dons the symbiote suit while confronting Marko in the subway tunnels, leading to Marko's apparent demise when a deluge of water reduces him to mud. As Jameson admits that he was wrong about Spider-Man, Peter steals his suit back from the Bugle and goes after Octavius. Unable to go to sleep, Parker then wore the suit and left his hotel room via the window, and using the rooftops, traversed Berlin until he happened upon a nightclub. As Peter provides overwrought narration during the first few minutes of the film, he is introduced as a shy, bespectacled outsider at Midtown High School in New York City struggling to catch up to a school bus, before his neighbor and crush Mary Jane Watson gets the driver to stop. Requiring the isotope tritium to fuel his reactor, Octavius visits Harry to demand it. The actor's performance and portrayal of Spider-Man, along with Sam Raimi's characterization of the character, was subject to much of the praise towards Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film trilogy; being cited as true to the Spider-Man mythos as through obtaining most of the socially-inept, awkward and nerdy aspects of the character's personality, along with his witty sense of humour and cheesy one-liners, underlying humanity, internal conflicts, relatability and struggles with his dual alter-ego and his normal life, praising the well-rounded, character-driven and faithful take on the titular character. Raimi based his ideas out of the original comic books. Peter Parker Parker, vlogging the entire experience, took pictures with the partygoers and even swung some female guests using his web. Peter falls ill upon returning home and passes out in his room. In Spider-Man 2, director Sam Raimi felt that the film had to thematically explore Peter's internal conflict with his personal wants against his responsibility, the positives and negatives of his chosen path, and how he ultimately decides that he can be happy as a heroic figure. The former friends engage in a brutal fist-fight and Peter emerges on top, insulting Harry by mocking his relationship with his father. Peter, who dons his suit and persona for the ceremony, basks in the crowd's cheers and gives Gwen an upside-down kiss reminiscent of his kiss with Mary-Jane in the first movie. One concept that costume designer James Acheson became fond of was the idea of having a red emblem over a black costume. Comic Marko re-emerges behind Peter and explains that Ben's death was an accident rooted in a desperate attempt to save his terminally-ill daughter's life, and that it has haunted him since. The actor was signed for a deal in the range of $3 to $4 million with higher salary options for two sequels. [1], Spider-Man prepares to join in with the fight. "What made Maguire’s Spidey so great, though, wasn’t how he portrayed the soaring superhero, but rather the humanity and downright dorkiness that was his Peter Parker, the ['man'] half of Spider-Man. The webbing, which accented the costume, was cut by computer. [10], Costume designer James Acheson made numerous subtle changes to Spider-Man's costume in Spider-Man 2, although keeping the design relatively the same. He considers himself a hero and a sinless person versus these villains that he nabs. As Stark walked toward the door, Parker over-reacted for a moment and used his Web-Shooters to web Stark's hand next to the door knob, telling him not to tell Aunt May.