Our life and living make our reality. Much of reality is dictated by our different biology, our past experiences, our biases and even our preferences. Originally a statement promoted by those with a more progressive perspective on life, the idea behind the phrase is now commonly found everywhere from … It creates healthy thoughts and feelings. The human brain never goes empty. The quote means that you are the master of your destiny. Researchers have proven that our past experiences influence our visual perception. The symbol denotes positive feelings and acts as a tool for achieving reality that you have long wished for. Since our thoughts directly influence the way we feel and behave, it is important to create a reality of our choice. You can eat the bread, you can eat the peanut butter, or you can make a sandwich. Is creation all about making a new thing or it is just a modification of certain elements already existing in this universe? Have you ever realized why many people notice the same relationship problem, even with different partners? The answers to all these questions are your faulty belief system that guides irrational thoughts and malfunctioning actions. Thus, the real-world is created that is in tune with your inner realm of self-awareness. It is up to you how to perceive and respond to a situation. Creating your real-world needs a few components to conceive it and make it a truth of your physical existence. Observe your thoughts, master them, and direct them in desired ways. Or maybe that of fear, anger, and jealousy. Thoughts guide emotions and actions. Your experiences skew your view of reality. Beliefs are images or ideas that trigger various thoughts in your subconscious mind. This is nothing more than your attitude coloring your reality. Only then, you can create a reality that you have always wished for. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change the world”. You create your reality by the power of your thoughts. According to Talbot, the world does not exist “out there” but “in here.”, “. It helps to de-stress and keeps her mentally agile. It is time to clear the old mindset and erroneous beliefs to create a life of your choice. The term ‘create your own reality’ means the different ways by which you can co-create your life by the energy of your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and actions. They perceive and negatively reacts to things. When you see and hear positive things, your attitude towards life changes. Attracting things help you to form new ideas, set new goals, and achieve things of your choice. But if you buy jelly, you have expanded your options to seven -- the original three plus jelly, a jelly sandwich, PBJ, or peanut butter and jelly alone. Along with this evolving view of the world, your reality changed as well. In such a situation, instead of changing the external circumstances, try to look for internal adversities. It helps us to make it happen for us. The possible choices are wave-like until you decide on a course of action. It is not shared, although it seems that way. Find Us On Facebook. On the contrary, if you believe you live in a nice and generous world, then also you do. Imagination is the mother of all creation. Most of the time, we wouldn’t notice the change. For example, relationship failure is in most cases developed due to wrong belief systems. Our passion and focus is on creating new homes that deliver a lifetime of enjoyment and … If words are not chosen in the right way, you cannot create a positive reality for yourself. I won’t share your email address and I won’t spam you. Beliefs come from social interactions and community learning. Don't let fear get in your way. It reflects negative emotions that keep moving around you. On the other hand, a generous and kind person may perceive the world around him/her in a positive way. The choices we make determine the real world for us. So, imagine, idealize, and create a new world based on a proper outlook. The way you experience various situations can depend on your beliefs and perceptions. Home Self Improvement Self-help & Growth Do You Create Your Own Reality? Harboring negative thoughts generates anguish and resentment. Creating your own reality will help you to access a bigger part of yourself with positive energies that move towards growth. For example, even if you are considered tall now, there was a time when you were a small child. You can create the type of world you want to live in. Try to paint your perfect life with optimism and realism. Wherever they go, their aggression follows them and gets projected to the various situations they may come across. Every time you add another possibility, you open significantly more options in the future. Positive emotions symbolize growth. Be responsible for your actions and never be reactive to situations. Surround yourself with the right people. We perceive them as being in the ‘world-out-there.’ Similarly, when we stub our toe, we experience the pain in our toe. As it kills your self-confidence, you always tend to move a step backward and cannot achieve success. Every time you feel that things are going out of your hand, then you need to realize your inner power to take charge of what you are losing. It is simply more convenient to go about our day pretending matter is solid because it is useful and that is a model that serves our purpose.